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About GreatGod

In 2020, amidst the bustling city of Pune, India, the journey of GreatGod Ice Cream commenced. Shubham Ramdas Raykar, our founder and a graduate of Global Business from London, envisioned a thriving presence in the ice cream industry. Fueled by a desire to create decadent treats using only the finest ingredients, Shubham brought GreatGod Ice Creams to life, establishing it as a flagship venture under Raykar Foodhub Pvt. Ltd.


Why choose GreatGod Ice cream ?

  • Premium gourmet Ice Creams
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Fresh and creamy scoops served
  • Top quality at affordable price
  • 30+ varieties to choose from
  • Suitable for all occasions
shubham raykar
Taste the Best

The Real Story Behind GreatGod Ice Cream

GreatGod Ice Cream, an Indian ice cream brand owned by Raykar Foodhub Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, was founded by Shubham Ramdas Raykar, a visionary who completed his Masters in Global Business from London. Established in 2020, the company, with its dedicated team of professionals, proudly holds the registered trademark GreatGod with the tagline “Taste the Best.” Located in Nanded, Sinhgad Road, & Karve Nagar  Pune, Maharashtra, India, the production facility ensures the creation of premium ice cream without compromise. Offering over 30+ custom flavours and more than 5 varieties of premium kulfi, mastani, and novelties, GreatGod Ice Cream epitomizes a commitment to diverse and indulgent frozen delights for its discerning customers.








How do we make you “Taste the best” Ice creams?

The creamiest, indulgent and very tasty ice cream You only ‘taste the best’ with GreatGod ice cream, kulfi and mastani.

With every scoop of GreatGod you get to taste the best heavenly ice creams, This is possible through our selection of high grade ingredients and expert quality check. From our milk to the nuts, chocolates and fruits, all are of premium quality and blended together under a quality controlled environment. Thanks to our vigilant and professional team, we are able to offer our customers fresh, clean and decadent ice creams that are unforgettable.

Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

We use all natural and high grade ingredients in our ice creams. Most of our ingredients are locally sourced.

high quality ingredients

30+ Flavours

We offer 30+ classic and unique Flavours that are indulgent and addicting. You definitely can’t choose only one.

quality ice creams

More added Cream

Our ice creams are made with double cream, which makes them stand out. With each bite, you’ll taste the thick, flavorful ice cream that sets us apart.


Making a Difference

We like to spread awareness and support issues we strongly feel about. Also support and stand for a good cause.


What our clients say

great god ice cream Pune
Meghna Patil

GreatGod icecreams is known for its authentic flavour. The taste is literally very good as compared to many other brands available. Have been visiting this outlet often. The service is fast and staff is polite. You will this place crowdy most of the times. The real catch of the natural is their seasonal offering. They taste real amazing. If you haven't tried please do visit.

great god ice cream Pune
Yogesh Shinde

My experience was quite good with GreatGod ice cream. I visit multiple times in a month. If you're looking for fresh & tasty ice-cream then you're on the right place. If your are visiting first time.I recommend you to go with tender coconut ice-cream (must try). And the price is also cheap (pocket friendly). With nice service and great taste.

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